Illustration Friday ~ Immovable

Ella Rena


Pachyderm Divine!

Come take a chance

And watch her dance

But make sure

You read the sign!

“Front Row Seats Available!”

By Roberta Baird


  1. ¡Buenísimo, Roberta!!! JA JA JA!
    I think they’ll need a crane!
    Poor mice!

  2. Ouch!!! Fun illustration Roberta!

  3. hehehe, ok now this really made me laugh, very nice Roberta, poor little mouse

  4. He he, love the illustration.. Poor mice! cute!

  5. marion glennon

    Cute story and characters.

  6. Hehehe! Love this Roberta! That black mouse in the middle is priceless!

  7. You know what I love most about this?

    Those thin hairs on miss ellyphant’s chin!!!!! Ahahaaahahaa….

    Really, Roberta… You are a great story teller! :))

  8. Fun illo! Not a fan of mice but poor little guy with his tail stuck. Nice illo style too.

  9. Very cute! Poor little critter trying to get loose.

  10. So cute and funny!Poor mouse!Great style as always!

  11. This did make me go Haw haw and smile. The little musical mouse trio and the lady elephant looks like she’s trying to jump a bit to free the mouse. Lovely.

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