SkADaMo 21 and 22

piepicSkADaMo 21
I figured these little ones, worked so hard on making the pie all week, they deserved a a piece themselves!

turkeycomic 1a_RBaird72

Skadamo 22 …and I’m all caught up.
Now for something really different. I’ve never done anything in comic format, so I have to say how much I admire those who do.This is a scribbly, sketchy attempt.
Here’s, Turkey Daze!

I see the Animals Sleeping App

i-see-1My illustrated book, I See the Animals Sleeping is now an App!

This free children’s app was developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to educate kids about the importance of sleep. The app has optional settings for children to read the stories at their own pace or have the story read to them with audio. The app also includes a coloring book, puzzle and quiz games to make learning fun.

All of this good  stuff and yes I said FREE!

Check it out!!

Download Link