Art by Committee ~ Cinderella’s Maid Service

cinderella+maid-service_RobertaBaird copyOver on  James Gurney’s blog, Gurney Journey, he hosts a monthly art challenge. Usually it’s a prompt from a book, but every once in a while he puts up a business card he’s come across.  This is my entry for the prompt Cinderella’s Maid Service.

Visit his blog and look at the other entries on Decenber 15th. While you’re at it, take a look at his new book Imaginative Realism.

If you enjoy his blog, you’ll love his book!

7 thoughts on “Art by Committee ~ Cinderella’s Maid Service

  1. Ginger *:)

    Oh Roberta, she is perfect! Please Please Please send her to my house ASAP…. There is a direct correlation between the amount of assignments I have and the state of my studio…not to mention the rest of the house.

  2. Vaness Newton

    Hilarious is not even the word for this! I’m crying over here! LOL!!! How absolutely fabulous Roberta!!! You pulled all the stops out with this one. I love this! One of your best!!! I truly love this. I wish you much laughter and joy this season with your family. Have fun!

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