Happy Easter!

Palmer the choco bunny woke up feeling a bit light headed.

Unaware of his impending situation he became quite vocal!!

Happy Easter!

I hope your holiday is filled with sweet, melty goodness!


  1. Haha, this make me laugh, why is it so fun to eat the ears first? Cute illustration and Happy Easter!

  2. Excellent!!! I love this so much :)

  3. Oh no, poor guy! Wow, does he look mad. I would not get in his way today. Woe to the person who tries another bite! Love the peep!

  4. Poor bunny!Love it and can’t stop laughing:) Happy Easter:)

  5. That bunny’s scary, but he’s chocolate, he has to know that irresistible to over half earth’s population! Lol!

  6. He’d better hurry up and give everyone a piece of his mind while he still has one!!! So cute!!! Perfect for this week’s challenge and Easter!

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